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Fresh Summer Weddings

Hello again Real Brides,
I have been in hiding and no I didn’t quit on blogging, I just quit on blogging every day, because I have been engaged with real life, my job, enjoying my summer, my reborn city life and, of course, my husband.  We have been to a couple of lovely summer weddings this year and it just seems that right now in our lives everybody is getting hitched, so love is in the air.

The wedding trend for this year is sort of what I had expected so far.  Less rustic, more new.  What I wasn’t expecting is the cuteness and craftiness of it all.  So, in a nutshell, even better than what I expected.  What a wonderful time to be planning a wedding!

Today, before I head off to work, I have for you some delightful summer wedding inspirations, so enjoy!

Why do I love this piece? Because it makes the flavors of summer the centerpiece.

Photo: Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas

How awesome is this lovebird table setting? I think better than awesome!

Photo: Fun Favors By Dulce

And Chinese Takeout favors?!!! How clever!

Photo: Fun Favors By Dulce

Yes, you can get these made and they come in all different flavors and colors.  Just visit the Jones soda website

Photo: A Good Affair





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Calla Lilies: An Extravagant Centerpiece

I just love calla lilies.  To me they look so elegant with their long stems and their shape.  A very good choice to have as centerpieces because they can go in all kinds of vases.

Photo: The Knot

Photo: Green Bride Guide

Calla Lilies make an elegant bouquet as well.


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Bold Etsy Invites

How I do love these invitations by InspiraDesigns on Etsy.  The colors are so bold and so are the designs. Not only are there invitations in this Etsy store, but there are also cards, menus, DIY garland and thank you cards amongst other things.

Photo: InspiraDesigns

Photo: InspiraDesigns

Photo: InspraDesigns

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Fun Carnival Wedding

Today’s post is for the fun filled adventure seekers and those who are a child at heart.  This carnival wedding seems like lots of fun with their street vendor food, ferris wheel, games and snow cones.  Who wouldn’t be thrilled to attend this wedding?!!!

These totally awesome invitations were photographed by Kelly Prizel.  I love the old school bakery twine they used here.  These invitations just look so perfect for the occasion.

Photo: Kelly Prizel

Photo: Entertaining With Sky

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Carnations: A Flower You Can Create With

Carnations are perhaps one of the most misunderstood flowers when it comes to party planning.  Truthfully I think a lot of people like to steer clear of carnations because they are cheap and I guess a lot of people don’t want to look cheap.  Yes, carnations are cheap, but they also come in so many different colors and their shape is perfect for creating amazing centerpieces.  Perhaps carnations are worth a second and closer look…

Found these pictures off a blog named Cheap ‘N’ Quirky.  Very nifty blog and the name says it all.  Love it!

Photo: Cheap 'N' Quirky

Oh, what they can become…

Photo: Pepper Design Blog

They can even make a plain cake look extravagant!

Photo: Party Favorites Blog

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Awesome Etsy Terrarium Favors

Some of you might know about my obsession with terrariums from my some of my previous posts.  So, that being said, when I came across the Etsy shop of TheTreeFolk, I was not only amazed, I was also inspired.  I absolutely love the fact that a terrarium isn’t only great for those who have small critter pets, but also as decorations, favors and centerpieces.  Just have a look at some of the amazing terrarium items that I saw in the shop!

Anybody planning a winter wedding? These terrarium Christmas tree balls are an excellent favor.

Photo: TheTreeFolk

Photo: TheTreeFolk

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Dollar Store Centerpiece Craft

I love going to the dollar store and finding cool stuff to do crafts with. These are from Dollar Tree and they pretty much have everything you need there to do a simple wedding craft. Here are some excellent inspiration ideas that I found right from their site.

Photo: Dollar Tree

Photo: Dollar Tree

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