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Fresh Summer Weddings

Hello again Real Brides,
I have been in hiding and no I didn’t quit on blogging, I just quit on blogging every day, because I have been engaged with real life, my job, enjoying my summer, my reborn city life and, of course, my husband.  We have been to a couple of lovely summer weddings this year and it just seems that right now in our lives everybody is getting hitched, so love is in the air.

The wedding trend for this year is sort of what I had expected so far.  Less rustic, more new.  What I wasn’t expecting is the cuteness and craftiness of it all.  So, in a nutshell, even better than what I expected.  What a wonderful time to be planning a wedding!

Today, before I head off to work, I have for you some delightful summer wedding inspirations, so enjoy!

Why do I love this piece? Because it makes the flavors of summer the centerpiece.

Photo: Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas

How awesome is this lovebird table setting? I think better than awesome!

Photo: Fun Favors By Dulce

And Chinese Takeout favors?!!! How clever!

Photo: Fun Favors By Dulce

Yes, you can get these made and they come in all different flavors and colors.  Just visit the Jones soda website

Photo: A Good Affair





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Awesome Etsy Terrarium Favors

Some of you might know about my obsession with terrariums from my some of my previous posts.  So, that being said, when I came across the Etsy shop of TheTreeFolk, I was not only amazed, I was also inspired.  I absolutely love the fact that a terrarium isn’t only great for those who have small critter pets, but also as decorations, favors and centerpieces.  Just have a look at some of the amazing terrarium items that I saw in the shop!

Anybody planning a winter wedding? These terrarium Christmas tree balls are an excellent favor.

Photo: TheTreeFolk

Photo: TheTreeFolk

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Dollar Store Centerpiece Craft

I love going to the dollar store and finding cool stuff to do crafts with. These are from Dollar Tree and they pretty much have everything you need there to do a simple wedding craft. Here are some excellent inspiration ideas that I found right from their site.

Photo: Dollar Tree

Photo: Dollar Tree

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Wedding Wednesday: Farmer’s Market Edition

If you are having a barn wedding, fall wedding or even want to incorporate fresh produce into your wedding, be inspired by this post.  Not only is fruit really healthy, but it also makes great decoration and unbelievably awesome sweet treats, so don’t worry about it going to waste because there is always the option of making apple cider, fruit tarts or pies with them  for or after your celebration.

I am totally nuts for candy apples. This wonderful picture of miniature candy apples made by Allyson Baker Design, which is quite a nifty blog with all sorts of craftiness.  I love how she used twigs in the center of them.  So cool.

Photo: Allyson Baker Designs

I also found a step-by-step DIY for making your own mini candy apples on The Finer Things, another nifty blog.  I just had to go and look up this recipe because, truthfully, I was intrigued by this whole miniature candy apple thing.  What an excellent favor/treat idea!

Photo: The Finer Things

Another favorite treat of mine. That’s right, miniature fruit tarts! Click on the picture or link for an excellent recipe from Salad-in-a-Jar‘s blog.

Photo: Salad In a Jar

And when we talk about farmer’s market inspirations, we cannot forget the honey (or, in this case, almond honey).  Thank you once again to the goddess, Martha Stewart, for all of her awesomeness.

Photo: Martha Stewart Weddings


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Flowers and…Candy!

If your looking for a really fun centerpiece that guests will really want to take home with them, then look no further.  Flower centerpieces filled to the rim with candy are pretty, sweet and fun.  This is a great centerpiece if there are going to be a lot of children at your wedding and they are also easy to set up by yourself.

Photo: Occasions By Lisa

Photo: Porterhouse Designs

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Green Weddings are IN

There is no denying that green is a popular color trend for weddings and I love it!  It just stands out and makes a fresh and bold statement.  And what a better day to show off green wedding decor than today. Happy St. Patrick’s!


Photo: Perfectly Pearl

Photo: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Photo: SB Chic

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Super Delicious Etsy Find

When I saw these amazingly realistic looking sweet treats on AndieSpecialtySweet‘s shop on Etsy, I was just flabbergasted.  Everything on here looks so real…yet it’s edible!  Always a pleasure to admire such sweet things.

Photo: AndieSpecialtySweets

Photo: AndieSpecialtySweets

Edible sea glass? How intriguing and…yummy!

Photo: AndieSpecialtySweets

It’s almost hard to believe that some of these are edible.  Oh, and not only do they make great favors, but they also make great decoration for all of you hardcore bakers out there!

Photo: AndieSpecialtySweets

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