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Calla Lilies: An Extravagant Centerpiece

I just love calla lilies.  To me they look so elegant with their long stems and their shape.  A very good choice to have as centerpieces because they can go in all kinds of vases.

Photo: The Knot

Photo: Green Bride Guide

Calla Lilies make an elegant bouquet as well.



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Spring Tulip Centerpieces

With the weather being so amazing and my one year anniversary right around the corner, it’s hard not to write about some of the things that I looked at to be inspired for my Spring wedding.  If anybody is planning a spring wedding, tulips are a wonderful idea because they scream “Spring!”.  They also come in many different colors and can be arranged in so many different ways.  Tulips are always a huge breath of fresh air for any event…

Photo: Biz Bloom


Photo: Hostess With The Mostest (HWTM)


Photo: Ashley Williams Design



And let’s not forget about what a gorgeous bouquet that tulips can make!

Photo: Flirty Fleurs


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Fresh Cotton Bouquets

Get a load of these cotton floral arrangements/bouquets.  I especially love this cotton bouquet, I’ve never seen anything like it before!  Who says you have to use the traditional flower to have an awesome bouquet and/or arrangement?!!!

Photo: Faye Z

Photo: Cotton Man

Photo: Tall Cotton n' Peas

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Wedding Wednesday: Wildflowers!

I absolutely love wildflowers and I absolutely love weddings that have lots of them.  This Wednesday is all about the wildflowers.  What’s great about wildflowers is that you can use all different colors and it gives you that outdoorsy in the woods feeling even if your doing your wedding indoors and they just give you a feeling of enchantment.  If you want an outdoor and woodsy feel for your wedding, wildflowers are a good way to go.  They especially look lovely as a bouquet, as pictured below.

Photo Credit: W-Wedding Flowers

I think these favor bags with daisies on them are just super cute!

Photo Credit: My Wedding Favors

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Photos: Wildflower Bouquet: W-Wedding Flowers; Daisy Favor Bags: My Wedding Favors; Table Setting: Elizabeth Anne Designs; Inspiration Board: Style Me Pretty

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Wedding Theme Wednesday

This week I decided to go ahead and make my own inspiration board for a blueberry wedding because the one that I usually use online is really sucking lately.

What is there really to say about blueberry weddings besides the fact that they are a gorgeous color, great to be inspired by and really yummy!  So many great things that you can do for favors, centerpieces, flowers, and sweets with this theme!

Photo Credit: St. Judes Creations

How extraordinary is this blueberry centerpiece?!!!

Photo: Wedding-Flowers-and-Reception-Ideas

Let me explain a little something here for a bit…my blog does not cater to just one style of weddings because how boring would that really be?  I like to put a little bit of everything out there for all to be inspired by.  Another thing that my blog does not cater to (like a lot of other blogs do) is the ultra ritzy bride.  I may have material for full figured brides out there, but this blog is also for realistic brides of any size who’s daddies don’t give them everything they ever wanted.

Photos: Blueberry boutonnieres: St. Jude’s Creations; blueberry centerpiece: Wedding-Flowers-and-Reception-Ideas

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Elegant Cactus Bouquets

I love the idea of having a cactus bouquet.  Of course not a spiky thing that’s going to injure the person who catches it.  I’m talking about the smooth spike-less and elegant looking cacti.  I especially love when they are paired up with pink, white or yellow flowers.  This bouquet from Big Apple Florist is exactly what I’m talking about.  Such uniqueness!

Photo Credit: Big Apple Florist


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