Wedding Wednesday: Farmer’s Market Edition

If you are having a barn wedding, fall wedding or even want to incorporate fresh produce into your wedding, be inspired by this post.  Not only is fruit really healthy, but it also makes great decoration and unbelievably awesome sweet treats, so don’t worry about it going to waste because there is always the option of making apple cider, fruit tarts or pies with them  for or after your celebration.

I am totally nuts for candy apples. This wonderful picture of miniature candy apples made by Allyson Baker Design, which is quite a nifty blog with all sorts of craftiness.  I love how she used twigs in the center of them.  So cool.

Photo: Allyson Baker Designs

I also found a step-by-step DIY for making your own mini candy apples on The Finer Things, another nifty blog.  I just had to go and look up this recipe because, truthfully, I was intrigued by this whole miniature candy apple thing.  What an excellent favor/treat idea!

Photo: The Finer Things

Another favorite treat of mine. That’s right, miniature fruit tarts! Click on the picture or link for an excellent recipe from Salad-in-a-Jar‘s blog.

Photo: Salad In a Jar

And when we talk about farmer’s market inspirations, we cannot forget the honey (or, in this case, almond honey).  Thank you once again to the goddess, Martha Stewart, for all of her awesomeness.

Photo: Martha Stewart Weddings



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2 responses to “Wedding Wednesday: Farmer’s Market Edition

  1. What beautiful pictures! Any of these ideas would make any wedding more special!

  2. These ideas are so unique. I love the caramel apples. With the leaves on the branches, they are very appealing.

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