Easy DIY Place Card Holders

How hard is it to make your own wedding place card holders? Not hard at all!  All you need is a little bit of imagination and creativity.  Think of the sort of theme and/or colors that are already planned for your wedding and let your imagination run wild.  Here are some simple and creative examples of place card holders made via DIY (click on picture links for instructions)

Anybody having a vineyard wedding? These should do the trick…and it’s real simple! If you want to get a little bit more creative, be inspired by the second picture…

Photo: Project Wedding

Photo: Wedding Wire

This one right here got me super excited because it comes from one of my favorite blogs, Green Wedding Shoes and it’s also perfect for a garden themed wedding (I had a garden themed wedding) and I am also absolutely obsessed with terrariums (I have hermit crabs).  This project is a little bit more involved, but the outcome is worth it and it just makes me feel so happy just looking at the picture!

Photo: Green Wedding Shoes

These are just absolutely gorgeous….

Photo: Apartment Therapy

And here are the place card holders that I made for my wedding.


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