Thursday Honeymoon: Honeymooning in NYC 101

If NYC is your honeymoon destination, be prepared to put up the cash for it.  As a New York City native, I’m gonna give you some excellent tips for making the best out of your NYC honeymoon.

1. Unless you really had your heart set on it, don’t book your hotel in Manhattan.  Booking your hotel in an outer borough can save you lots of cash.  Try to look for some place in either Brooklyn or Queens that is closer to Manhattan.  Don’t bother with the Bronx because most of the Bronx is run down and don’t bother with Staten Island unless you want to take the ferry into the city every day.

2. For the duration of your honeymoon (assuming it’s a week) buy a weekly metro pass.  With all of the traveling that you will be doing, it’s sure to save you some cash.

3. The subway is your golden ticket when it comes to traveling in NYC.  Make sure to obtain an up to date subway map ( to hold with you at least for when you are planning your outing for the day.  There are maps throughout each station and also posted in every subway car in case you need help.  With all of the different lines, it can be overwhelming at first, but it is easy to get the hang of.

4. Streets and places you must visit; St. Marks, West 4th, Washington Square Park, 14th Street, 8th Street, Delancey, a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building (for those of you who want the real tourist experience), Times Square, China Town (be prepared to be stuck in a mob of people for those two).  And, of course, there are all of the awesome museums (MoMa, Museum of Natural History, the Whitney, the Wax Museum).

5. Best Streets for Shopping; St. Marks, West 4th, 14th Street, 8th Street, 5th Avenue, Madison Avenue, 6th Avenue.

6.  Food: Skip the hot dog carts if you can and get yourself some Gray’s Papaya (awesome hot dogs and the best selection of drinks ever!).

Want a fine dining experience for a couple of nights or perhaps a nice meal after a play? Head to the Theater District.  If you plan on doing this for a huge portion of your trip, I suggest to pick up a Zagat Survey.

Pizza: the most controversial of all the foods in NYC.  Which ones are the best?  In truth, a lot of them really suck!  Lombardi’s on Spring Street is pretty good if you want something in Manhattan, but I suggest sticking to pizza in the outer boroughs, especially in Brooklyn.  There is one amazing pizza place in the Bronx called L’Jubo’s if you are willing to take the trip up there.  6 train to Westchester Square (decent Bronx neighborhood).  All of my life living in NYC and this was seriously the best pizza that I have ever had.  The slices are extremely huge, you’ve never seen nothing like it before!

7. Outer borough adventures: Coney Island/ the Brooklyn Aquarium, Queens Center Mall, Roosevelt Field (Long Island), Jones Beach (Long Island).

8. Unspoken rule: A lot of tourists seem to not know this…WALK TO YOUR RIGHT! Stay out of the way of all of the busy busy people in NYC and just walk to your right.  If you are on an escalator, stand to your right and walk up on your left.

Well, that’s it.  If you have any other questions, feel free to send me an e-mail!


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