Bridesmaid Friday: Who’s in the Party?

Hello Real Brides,

So you’ve just gotten engaged and you’ve set a date and booked the venue, now the big question…who’s in your bridal party?

Some answers are obvious: sister, bff, sister-in-law.

If you want to keep the list short, you are a very smart lady.  For the rest of us, we want to add a couple more to the list and don’t want to hurt any feelings.  If you are afraid any cousins or other friend’s feelings will be hurt, it is always safe to tell people that you needed to keep the party down to whatever number it is that you have for the sake of not having a receding line and then just tell them that they will definitely be included in other activities, such as the bachelorette party, bridal shower, etcetera.

So who else is in?  In this case, pick according to characteristics.  Who will be helpful, who won’t cause drama, who will bring life to the party and who has been there for you?

Remember, pick wisely!


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