Wedding Theme Wednesday

This week I decided to go ahead and make my own inspiration board for a blueberry wedding because the one that I usually use online is really sucking lately.

What is there really to say about blueberry weddings besides the fact that they are a gorgeous color, great to be inspired by and really yummy!  So many great things that you can do for favors, centerpieces, flowers, and sweets with this theme!

Photo Credit: St. Judes Creations

How extraordinary is this blueberry centerpiece?!!!

Photo: Wedding-Flowers-and-Reception-Ideas

Let me explain a little something here for a bit…my blog does not cater to just one style of weddings because how boring would that really be?  I like to put a little bit of everything out there for all to be inspired by.  Another thing that my blog does not cater to (like a lot of other blogs do) is the ultra ritzy bride.  I may have material for full figured brides out there, but this blog is also for realistic brides of any size who’s daddies don’t give them everything they ever wanted.

Photos: Blueberry boutonnieres: St. Jude’s Creations; blueberry centerpiece: Wedding-Flowers-and-Reception-Ideas


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