Thursday Honeymoon

Hello all of my real brides,

The reason that I haven’t been posting all week was because the husband and I were visiting the in-law’s up in Maine and, of course, we had no wifi connection.  The reason I haven’t posted since I’ve gotten back was because I was second guessing this whole blog thing.  Being away from the computer for a while just sort of makes me want to stay away from it.  On top of all of that, I did want to make some changes to this blog and I’m not having much luck, but I will keep trying.  I would just like to thank all of the readers of this blog for your support.  Now on with the post!


It is now summer for sure and we can feel the heat.  Whether your planning a honeymoon at a tropical location or staying at a hotel with a pool or jacuzzi, you need to find the perfect sexy bathing suit, and that’s hard whether you are full figured or not.  Due to the popularity of all of the posts on here that featured plus size swim suits, here are some more stunning swim suits perfect for honeymooning.

I am just loving the chest area of this in contrast with the black.


Now this is something that I absolutely love.  Look at all those colors!

Photo: Lane Bryant

And I’m not really much of a sunglasses wearer but I came across this really hot pair on Catherine’s.

Photo: Catherine's

Photos: Blue and black swimsuit: Swim Outlet; Orange and swimsuit: Lane Bryant; Sun glasses: Catherine’s


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