Bridesmaid Friday: Bachelorette Party Favors

What to get as party favors for the bachelorette party?  There are many things that one can think of.  Since all of my friends were from NYC, I decided to go with a semi Sex in the City thing (even though I’ve never watched the show in my life) and I got some pink party favor bags and some naughty toys along with colored and flavored condoms, lube, mardi gras beads, candies and just a bunch of stuff.

Each bag had a different toy in it, so I wrote a different word on each bag and then had my girls pick whatever bag they wanted.  I even gave out a special prize to the winners of the cheesy games that we played.  This was a huge hit and just a little something to bring some life to my party since I was having it at home.  I am not about to post pictures of my party favors on my blog, but I did purchase the toys from Adam & Eve and it was a lot cheaper than going out to a shop and buying them…they were also good quality as well.

If your not sure your friends would be open minded enough to enjoy such party favors, there is always the option of getting Victoria Secret gift cards or something of that nature.  Perhaps gift cards to your local nail salon?


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