DIY Tuesday

This Tuesday all of the credit for the DIY project goes to Veronica Echavez.  Veronica is the sister of my sister’s boyfriend, Jordan (who was in the groom’s party).  She made this super duper, lovely, extraordinary (and there are so many other lovely explanations that I can’t even possibly begin to try to fit in) scrapbook as a wedding present for Steve and I.

When I first received this over the weekend, I was just so amazed at how gorgeous it was.  All of the beautiful details that she put into this scrapbook are just beyond words.  She even used our wedding colors (pink, green and white) to decorate the whole thing.  She took all of these pictures by herself and, I must say, they are very professional.  So professional, in fact, that I think that she should be a photographer herself and I wasn’t the only one who thought that!

So, thank you very much, Veronica,  for this beautiful scrapbook that totally made our day!

A scrapbook is a fun and creative thing to give as a wedding present, especially if you are artistic and have an eye for photography (also a great camera will help).  This was seriously the best wedding gift that we have received.  Thank you once again, Veronica!


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