Thursday Honeymoon

I think the best part of the wedding is when it’s over and you head on your honeymoon the next day.  Such a relief when the wedding is over and all you have to look forward to is your vacation as newlyweds. Today I am composing a list of reasons why it is better to honeymoon right after your wedding as opposed to months or even a year after.

1) You just planned your wedding (and that’s madness), got hitched (reason to celebrate) and that alone is the reason that you need a vacation.

2) You are newlyweds, the awesome time you and your guests had at the wedding is still fresh in your mind and it’s exciting and even more of a reason to start your new life off with something exciting.  Just an overall great bonding experience to have as a married couple.

3) If you wait months after the wedding to go on the honeymoon it can feel more like a vacation and less like a honeymoon.

4) Don’t you want to start your life as newlyweds off with something exciting?  Even with dating, I find it more likely that the sexual chemistry will be a lot higher if the first date is something more exciting than dinner and movies.  Why not do the same for your first day as newlyweds?

5) You will feel a lot more happy and relaxed when you get home and all the madness will be stricken from your brain!

If anybody asks me, the best time to book your wedding is a time when it’s convenient for both the bride and groom to go on their honeymoon.  If it doesn’t end up that way, then try to make the best of your honeymoon anyway.

Happy Honeymoon Planning!



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