Tuesday DIY

This Tuesday I made my DIY out of a mason jar that once had fruit in it, lacy tulle, an old fake pussy willow plant that I had, left over ribbon from what I used on my wedding place card holders and this cute gemstone piggy design.  This is great to put a tea light in and just watch it fill the room with joy.  I’ve seen that these mason jar projects are popular for wedding decorations, so I decided to give it a go.  It’s pretty fun because you can do just about anything with a mason jar.


Mason Jar

Lacy Tulle




Clean out mason jar and take off any stickers that might be on them.  If you soak it in warm soapy water this will make the task easier.  If it’s still sticky from the glue that the stickers were on, good!

Wrap your lacy tulle around the jar several times until your happy.  The left over glue from the stickers will work to keep the tulle in place.  When your done wrapping your lacy tulle, have two ribbons pre cut and wrap them around and glue them.  If you have another other decorations that you want to add, let your imagination go wild!


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