Wedding Theme Wednesday: Sunflower Themed Wedding

A sunflower themed wedding is one of my favorite themes of all time.  1) Because I love sunflowers.  2) Because I love yellow as a wedding color and  3) Because sunflowers are such a big flower that you don’t need to use so many of them.  In my opinion, this theme is more about using your color palate and incorporating sunflowers into it.  Yellow, brown and white; yellow and white; yellow black and white; and of course, add some green in there.  Those are all good palates to start off with.  Here are some inspirations for a sunflower themed wedding!

I love the idea of setting your theme off with something eye catching like this invitation!

Photo Credit: Invitation Consultants

Bouquet arrangements from Confetti-Events

Photo Credit: Acabado Cakes

Favor boxes from My Wedding Market

Pictures: Invitation: Invitation Consultants; Bouquets: Confetti-Events; Cake: Acabado Cakes; Favor boxes: My Wedding Market; Inspiration Board: Style Me Pretty



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2 responses to “Wedding Theme Wednesday: Sunflower Themed Wedding

  1. The bright theme is so lovely. And I love the couple’s picture on that field of sunflower. 🙂

  2. I will like to say thank you for appreciating the works of acabadocakes.

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