Interview With “A Dude Who Loves Fat Chicks”

Today I am thrilled about writing this post featuring my first ever interview!  Today we take a look at the thoughts of an artist, musician and lover of plus size women.  I was very pleased to see how open he was when answering my questions.  It is always great to get a guy’s perspective, especially when talking about weddings.

Jon is the artist and the face behind the blog, A Dude Who Loves Fat Chicks.  I was a guest blogger on his blog last week and now he is doing this interview on my blog this week.  His blog is filled with his many pieces of art work, photography, music and so much more.  Today we get to read about the views of a guy who really loves plus size women and, yes ladies, they really do exist!  Here is a closer look at a man who is on a lifelong quest to find the woman of his dreams.

Jon, "A Dude Who Loves Fat Chicks"

Laura:     From reading your blog I gather that are on a lifelong quest to find the woman of your dreams. Describe the physical and inner qualities of your dream woman.

Jon:     Well this is an interesting one. Lets start with the physical. I’m actually a Bi-Sizual guy meaning that I can love thin women like I fat women. I prefer fat women though. My ideal shape would be Pear shaped or Hourglass shaped.  I need a likeable face. The face is important because its my window into connecting with someone. Sometimes it takes awhile for a face to grow on me, and other times it just clicks.

 The inner qualities I look for are Honesty, Loyalty, Compassion and Intelligence. I’d like my dream woman to accept me for who I am as I would accept her. Sounds kinda cheesey right? Well I’d like to find a woman like this. I’m not expecting anyone to be perfect because there is no such thing as perfect.

Laura:     What is it about plus size women that you think is just so amazing?

Jon:     Squishy, Soft, bouncey, Jiggles like Jello, and did I mention Sexy? The texture and feel of a fat woman makes me feel comfortable. I can feel this way because I wont have to worry about hitting a bone or being cold in the winter while we snuggle. Yeah that’s right I said Snuggle haha. There’s so many places I can touch and feel with my hands and body on her and it’ll all feel soft. Have you ever slept with a rock hard pillow and then grabbed a soft pillow? I imagine being with a fat woman is like being with a big giant pillow. That’s the kind of thing I’d love to fall asleep too.

              One of my friends who is supportive of my preference once said to me “Do a fat chick is like doing a bean bag chair” And to this I said “I love bean bag chairs!” But to the point, I don’t want to come off too objective here, the majority of plus sized women I’ve met are great and intelligent. They’re extremely discriminated against in western society. Some plus sized women I meet despite these endeavors, remain positive and I just find that all the more attractive. I love a resilient woman. Fat woman have a unique fortitude about them that I’ve come to see.

Laura:     What is your ideal first date like?  Are you a dinner and movies type of guy or do you like something that involves a little more thought?

Jon:     Well my first date preference is usually open. I can do the dinner the movie thing since I like to eat and watch movies. I’m also up for a hike and star gazing in the summer time and even in the fall where we can huddle together. I also wouldn’t mind doing sports or games with her for the evening. Heck I’ll go to the electronics store and look at gadgets and all the cool techie stuff that’s coming out. We can eat dinner and then I can take her on the beach or to a candle lit piano and play a little improve music of my own for her. We could go to the opera perhaps and later I could draw her (nude) if she wanted too.  So to answer the question, yeah I like both.

Laura:     When do you think is the right time to “pop the question” and what are your views on over-the-top marriage proposals?

Jon:     Hmmm popping the question? Right time? Hmmm good question there. Lets see. I think the right time to pop the question is when you look deep into yourself and ask yourself, “Am I ready for this?” I think self reflection is needed before any life changing event and marriage is a very serious if not one of the most next to birth and death. When you can reconcile your thoughts and feels into those famous four words “Will you marry me?” Then I think it “might” be the right time. Now I think that either a man or a woman can propose to one another. I’d like to think if you really care about someone and want to be with them, then that is a good time to propose, even if you’re a woman.

I think there is no such thing as over the top. The reason is because if someone is proposing to you and you’ve known them for a long time, then you could assume its from the heart and where I come from the heart is sacred ground. You don’t mess with the heart or question it. It is what it is. When whatever fireworks or flashy dipla of affection sets you up for that one moment in time, nothing matters except from what you say from your heart. The heart is the one true place a man or a woman can be and know themselves. Sometimes we may ignore it but what ultimately makes us do the things we do.

 If you think your hunny is over the top, then I think you may not be ready for marriage for you may not understand how he/she feels about you. Of course there are jokes and things like that, but you’d had be one helluva person to joke around with the idea of marriage. For example I watched this one Youtube video of how a guy proposed to his wife. He setup a bunch of traps in his apartment because he and his fiancé we pranking eachother.  This time the guy got her to get all dolled up for a date and put a bucket of powder and water in her closet top. When she opened the door, the stuff poored all over her and mind you she spent a good 2 hours in the bathroom getting ready. She was very angry. After the water and feathers /powder fell on her, he came into the room and slammed a pie into her face. It wasn’t hard slammed, but you know like on tv and stuff. Anyways she chased him around after screaming for a minute. Just as he was about to be cornered he got on one knee and asked her to marry her. All of a Sudden all the anger and contempt went away and she screamed. She screamed with joy and could not believe the rollercoaster ride he had taken her on. Gutsy…. Reaaallll gutsy if you ask me. I think that was one of the best proposals ever. You could call it over the top, I call it entertainment for one thing and most importantly memorable.

Laura:     Just so that I can get a man’s perspective on this, describe what you’ve always dreamed your wedding would be like?

Jon:     Just me, a priest and her on summer evening on top of a mountain or near a waterfall and stream taking our vows. I don’t like big weddings or families. I just want her and me. I want to be outside and at night with one candle or two. If you ever see the movie braveheart where Mel Gibson Marries in secret, that’s what I want.

Laura:     What inspired you to start your blog?

Jon:     I wanted to put my thoughts and musings about fat women out there for people to read. I wanted an outlet to write about my lust for those goddesses. I love showing others that there are men who do love fat women and that fat women are loved and wanted. I wanted to tell the world that I’m “A Dude Who Loves Fat Chicks”.

What a great interview!  I especially love his idea of what he wants his wedding to be…it’s just so personal!  You can visit Jon on his blog, A Dude Who Loves Fat Chicks, to take a closer look into his world.  For now, here are are few of my favorite pieces of artwork from Jon off of his Deviant Art page.

And here is Jon’s happy ending 🙂


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