DIY Tuesday Centerpiece

This Tuesday I made a creation from all 99 cent store items; woven basket, foam block, and fake flowers (with butterflies).  This projects takes a little bit more time than the last 3 projects that I did for this blog, but it still doesn’t take a lot of time. This is great if you want to use a woven basket as a centerpiece.


Woven basket

Foam block

Fabric flowers


Wire cutter


Cut out each individual flower from the bottom of the stem with the wire cutter.  After you’ve cut out all of your flowers, stick them into the top part of the foam block arranging them so that they cover up as much as of the foam as possible.  Leave the bottom part of the foam bare.  Glue the foam block with the fabric flowers into the woven basket.  EASY!

Make sure you pick up a piece of foam that isn’t taller than your basket.

Flowers are placed on the top and sides of foam block.

Make sure to cover as much of the top of the foam block as possible.

Finished product.  I love the fact that I found fabric flowers with butterflies.

For the sake of my whole 99 cent store DIY inspiration posts here and all of the inspirations that I’ve seen on other blogs involving lemonade, here is something that is so cute that I saw at The Dollar Tree that I just had to get when I saw it.  This cute glass with lemons on it would make a great party favor for all of you brides who are planning on doing the lemonade thing at your wedding don’t you think?!?!?!


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