Monday…What To Wear

I had just received my shoes from Simply Be and I haven’t been in love with shoes for a long time until now!  They just so awesome!  So awesome, in fact, that today I am featuring them.  I also never realized how much nicer it feels to wear heels when you buy them in the right width.  I don’t have a super wide foot but it’s always been a bit of a pudgy foot.  I can fit into normal size shoes just fine but a lot of them can be awfully uncomfortable after wearing them for a while.  As soon as I got these in the mail, I was walking around the house all day in them and I even cooked dinner before my husband came home with them on and it was pain free!  I can’t wait to wear these out!  Here are the hottest shoes that I’ve purchased in a very long time.

Photo: Simply Be

Here is the dress that I ordered with these shoes…Hopefully it comes soon!

Photo: Simply Be

Photos: Simply Be


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