Bridesmaid Friday…Bachelorette Slumber Party

Do you remember how much fun you had with your girls when you were in grade school?  Some your best childhood memories are quite possibly sleep over parties where you did each others make-up and painted each others toenails while watching a movie.  Some of your best bonding experience with your girls most likely are those fun little sleepovers that you used to have.  If your not down with the whole naughty bachelorette party theme, why not try a bachelorette slumber party?

While the groom is on his last night out with the guys, rent some movies, order a pizza, pop some popcorn and tell the bridal party to bring their cute pj’s, toothbrushes and pillows for a bachelorette slumber party.   If you want to add a little bit of naughty into your party, rent movies starring handsome actors, serve some cosmos and maybe pick up a game of pin the junk on the hunk for extra giggles.

For decorations; use balloons, a banner and maybe some streamers, preferably pink to give an extra girly vibe to the place.  Make up some party favor bags with candy, popcorn and some colorful condoms for even more giggles.

This slumber party theme will have everybody bonding and giggling and just reminiscent of the good old times.  Besides, when will be the next time that you will have the opportunity to pull this sort of thing off?


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