DIY Tuesday Centerpiece

Okay, this is the last time that I am recycling the little round glass vase from the last two weeks.  It’s just that I love these vases so much because they work great as centerpieces and there is just so much that you can do with them.  The dirt inside is called Forest Bed Expandable Substrate and it’s organic and expands 7 to 8 times.  This stuff just looks like a little block of dirt, but boy does it expand!  You can purchase this at any pet store in the reptile section.  The flower is just a white craft flower that I got from Michael’s.  This centerpiece is great for using as a place card holder or a table number holder if you purchase floral wire and use pliers to twirl around the top part so that the cards fit inside.


Small round vase

Forest Bed Expandable Substrate



Dump the brick of Forest Bed into 3-4 liters of water and wait 30 minutes for it to expand.  It should fill up to 9 liters, so make sure you use a big bucket to do this.

Scoop dirt into small round vases and stick the flower inside.

VERY easy!

My cat loves big flowers.

Oddly enough, I got questions about my hermit crab hobby and here are some pictures of my crabitat for those of you who are interested.  Yes, the substrate is the same type of dirt that I used in the DIY above.


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