Ode To The Bridal Tattoo

One thing I love is tattooed brides and one thing I love even more is bridal tattoos.  I’m not saying everybody should go out and get one, but I personally like them a lot!  I’ve seen a lot of women who get their something blue tattooed to them and, trust me, if I already didn’t have my sapphire engagement ring as my something blue, I would have gotten my something blue tattooed to me too!  Tattoos aren’t for everybody, so I’m also showing some fake tattoos on here as well.  Here are some awesome bridal tattoos plus mine!

My tattoo after I got it done

My tattoo on my wedding day.

Photo: Alexis Stein Photography

Okay, so this one’s not real but it’s still cute.  It’s from a company called I Do Tattoos and they are gorgeous!

Photo Credit: I Do Tattoos

Loving this tattoo of a marine wife…always faithful…love it!

Marine Wife Tattoo

Of course we can’t forget about the henna tattoo.

Photo: FashionClothingToday

Photos: My Wifey Tattoo: Alexis Stein Photography; Blue Cupid Tattoo: I Do Tattoos; Marine Wife Tattoo: Free-Extras.com

Tattooed bride? Real tattoos, fake tattoos, henna tattoos…I’d love to feature them all!  DaSugaKnows@aol.com


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