Bridesmaid Friday…The “Fat” Bridesmaid Part 2

While I was writing the first “Fat” Bridesmaid article, I noticed another issue being discussed around the web.  A lot of bridesmaids seem to feel insecure about being the “fat” bridesmaid.  I had this issue with one of my bridesmaids and my mother blatantly told her that “size is just a number”; after all, it really is.  It is a shame that just about every plus sized girl out there lets their size get them down while participating in just about every life event.

My advice to all of you plus size bridesmaids out there is not to let your weight get you down.  This is your life and being a bridesmaid should be a fun experience.  Don’t let your weight, height or body type prevent you from enjoying anything.  This is your time to be there for your friend.  She chose you to stand up with her while she takes her vows and she chose you because she deeply values your friendship

Another issue that I saw discussed was choosing a bridesmaid dress that is flattering on all figures.  I had bridesmaids who were all different sizes in my party and I saw plenty of dresses that looked great on everybody.  Granted, being a plus size girl myself, I knew exactly what I was looking for and I had the size issue in my head while I was searching.  One of the first things that my friend did when I asked her to be a bridesmaid was address her issues about the dresses.  Even though I had already had figure flattering dresses in mind from the beginning, it was a good thing she came to me about this. Needless to say, she was the most helpful bridesmaid that I had in my party because she was not scared of talking to me about anything.

If any of you bridesmaids have an issue with being in the bridal party and being plus size, take it upon yourself to talk to the bride about your issues.  She will have your back and will keep your issues in mind while looking at bridesmaid dresses.  Not only was my friend happy with the results of the dress, but the bridal party as a whole was happy with the dress selection.  They all told me multiple times how much they loved the dresses and how flattering they made them look.

Without much ado, here are some more figure flattering (and very affordable!) bridesmaid dresses that I found from Helene Bridal.

All photos: Helene Bridal

Great bridesmaid stories?  Bridesmaid horror stories? Tell me about it!


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