Thursday…Honeymoon Day!

Today I have something special for all of you history buffs out there; a honeymoon in Colonial Williamsburg.  Before you put this off in your mind because it sounds boring, think about how romantic it would be to walk around as a newlywed couple in a place that makes you feel like you traveled to the past.  I know, I’m a dork for finding romance in just about every place that I go.  If your a hopeless romantic like I am, you will appreciate this.  The buildings and houses here are all restored to look exactly like they did when they were first built and there’s even a town here where you can just walk around and feel like your back in time.

***I was just tipped off that Washington actually honeymooned here!  LOVELY!

Photo Credit: 50 Stays 50 Ways

I love walking into the little shops here because it feels so authentic.

Photo: Wikipedia


Check this out, you can even reserve a house to stay in for a decent price.


Photos: 1st photo: 50 Stays 50 Ways;  2nd photo: Wikipedia; 3rd photo: Igougo; 4th photo:



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3 responses to “Thursday…Honeymoon Day!

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