DIY Tuesday Centerpiece

This week for my DIY project, I am recycling the round glass jar from last week’s project and using it for this week’s DIY centerpiece.  These round jars can be found just about anywhere; Walmart, 99 cent stores or arts and craft stores.  The sand can be bought at Home Depot in a 10 pound bag for about $5.00 (pretty good deal I would say).  If you want the colorful sand, you could either make it yourself by adding dye to the sand you already have, or you could go to your local pet store and look in the Hermit Crab section, it’s called Calci-sand.  I will let you all in on a little hobby of mine, I keep hermit crabs as pets and I decorate their terrarium really nicely and, if you ask me, it could be considered a craft hobby as well.  The shells can also be bought in the hermit crab section of your local pet store, but you can get a lot more for a lot cheaper at Walmart or a 99 cent store.  The net is also something that I use to decorate my crabitat with and this one is a little harder to find.  You might get lucky and find it at Walmart or an arts and craft store or, if you look around the net, you can order them.

This centerpiece is great for none other than a beach themed wedding.  Here’s how to do it.  Enjoy!

Items Needed

Round Jar


Colored Calci-Sand




Fill round jar with plain sand and put colored sand on the top.  If you really want to experiment, you could do all different layers of colored sand to match your wedding colors.

Top the jar off with shells.

Place jar on top of net and decorate the surrounding  of the jar with more shells.



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