More Inspirations for a Rainy Wedding Day

I would have thought that this rainy madness would have been over by now, but it’s not.  Since this is what we have to live with right now on the East coast, here are some more inspirations on how to make the best of a rainy wedding day.  Who says that rain has to ruin anything, especially the happiest day of your life!

Here is the cake topper that I had for my wedding.  I got it in case it did rain and it made me wish that it actually had rained on my wedding day!

Photo Credit: Daisy-Days

If you really want to make the best out of a rainy wedding day, why not make it a rain themed wedding? (perfect for April and May weddings)  Head down to your local party store and pick up these items!

Photo Credit: Party City

Photo Credit: Party City

In case your not convinced of how beautiful a rainy wedding day can be, I made this inspiration board on Style Me Pretty.


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