Bridesmaid Friday: The Perfect Bridesmaid’s Gift

Finding the perfect gift for your bridesmaids isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do.  What made it hardest for me was that I tried to get all of my bridesmaids different gifts that I thought that they would each like (because no 2 people like the same exact thing).  You could either do what I did, or you could just get everybody the same gift in case you are afraid that buying everybody something different could cause a situation of jealousy.

Another problem that I had with buying my bridesmaid’s gifts was the amount of time that I had to wait for them to be delivered (over a month?).  Turns out that the place that I ordered from shipped their items out from different places…not cool!  Luckily after several e-mails, I was able to get everybody’s bridesmaid gifts the week before my bachelorette party.   If you want to avoid that sort of thing all together, I suggest you go about it the old fashioned way and just head to the mall.

Popular bridesmaid’s gifts include things such as jewelry, purses, wallets, make up kits, flasks or perfume.  In other words, girly stuff.  What you decide to get should really depend on your wallet and the type of girl you are buying the gift for.  If you want shop for your bridesmaid’s gifts in person, you can always go the department store route.  Macy’s is bound to have something for everybody in your party and they are always having sales.

Just make sure that when you are buying your gifts (just as you would buy anybody’s gift) keep the person that you are buying it for in mind.  Really think about the person; their style, their likes, favorite colors, what they could use it for, etcetera.  A gift is supposed to say to somebody that when you saw that item, you were thinking of them.

Since I mentioned Macy’s, here are a few items that I found on that I think would be great girly bridesmaid gifts.  Happy shopping, future brides!



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2 responses to “Bridesmaid Friday: The Perfect Bridesmaid’s Gift

  1. Great Ideas for bridesmaids- seems to always add to the craziness of planning a wedding. I wanted to add another option for your brides out there. Sophia Grace has super cute and fun aprons in 5 patterns so each bridesmaid can have her own! They also have next day shipping and right now its free shipping! Fun, Flirty, and Fabulous aprons are a great gift for everyone in the wedding!

  2. oohh those are some good ideas!!

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