Plus Size Honeymoon Swimwear

If I told you how many bathing suits I owned, you probably wouldn’t believe me.  I am a water girl and I love hitting up the beach, pools, lakes and pretty much any sort of fun in the sun involving water.  I go out there and love wearing my swim suits.  Of course, it is hard to find cute plus size swimwear, but it IS out there!  I especially went nuts looking for some cute swimwear for my honeymoon at Grand Cayman because I was so excited to be exploring new beaches.  If you really look around for something cute and good quality, it is out there.  This year I am going to have to hit up Fashion Bug for my swimwear because their collection this season is just to die for.

This is my sort of thing.  I am loving the pink accents and especially the pink bow.  I’m uber girly, what can I say?

Photo Credit: Fashion Bug

Here’s another piece from their collection that is super cute.  I love how it nicely covers up cleavage but not too much.

Photo Credit: Fashion Bug

I am loving the print on this piece!

Photo Credit: Fashion Bug


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