10 Ways to Enjoy Your Honeymoon

Here are 10 things (in no particular order) that will help you make the best of your honeymoon.  Enjoy!

10. Go somewhere that you both have never been before (even if it’s a small town).

9.   Get dressed up, at least for one night, and go to dinner (even if it’s McDonald’s).

8.   Rent a car and explore the sights together instead of on a tour bus with a lot of people.  If your driving there yourselves, your already ahead of the game.

7.  Pick a special drink that you can both drink together throughout your trip so that you can always remember your honeymoon every time you drink it.

6.  Enjoy peace and quiet with the company of each other.

5.  Whether its on the beach, in the woods or in a city, take long walks together holding hands.

4.  Do something different that you both have always wanted to do but have never done before.

3.  Take pictures and buy souvenirs for your parents to thank them for everything.  Make sure to get something for the both of you that reminds you of your honeymoon.

2.  Play your song on your mp3 player or smart phone so you can both listen to it and reminiscent your wedding.

1.  Sleep in together for at least one night.


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