Make the Best of a Rainy Wedding Day

Well it is Spring time and anybody who has a Spring wedding coming up knows all about the iffy weather.  You can’t change the weather, but you can make the best out of your day.  Always look on the bright side and always look for inspiration. If the forecast calls for rain on your special day, just think of all the really nice wedding pictures that you can get in the rain!  All you really need to pull it off are a pair of colorful galoshes and some umbrellas.  You can even find some umbrellas to match your wedding colors.  Imagine all of the romantic shots you can have of you and your husband smooching under an umbrella and how awesome some bright colored galoshes will look with your wedding dress.  Who says you have to wear heels?

Here are some gorgeous umbrellas from

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Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Here are some colorful and fun galoshes from

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2 responses to “Make the Best of a Rainy Wedding Day

  1. I really like this post! I think many brides dread rain on their wedding day (yours truly included! :)), but given that you can’t change the weather, why not find creative ways to deal with it! (I had a bit of everything on my day–sun, rain drizzle, cloudy and back to sun again!)

    Also, I just realized that I think most photographers prefer shooting when it’s a cloudy sky (than when it’s really sunny) b/c apparently the sun creates a glare or something like that?

    If I know of people getting married, I will suggest your blog to them. You have some really good tips and resources—LOVE the decorative umbrellas! 🙂

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