Blown Glass Jewelry…My Obsession

Have I told you about my obsession with blown glass jewelry that I’ve had since I was 16?  Well, now I’m telling you.  I have so many pieces of blown glass jewelry that its not even funny.  Even on my honeymoon, I found a glass blowing studio that sold jewelry and, needless to say, we went back at least 3 times so that I can pick up new pieces of jewelry to add to my ever growing collection.

Blown glass jewelry is just so beautiful, colorful and captivating.  It’s a real piece of artwork inside of your jewelry, and who wouldn’t appreciate that?  These pieces from Maggie’s Gems would just be so perfect to wear for a beach or 60’s/70’s themed wedding…they are just so groovy!

Photo Credit: Maggie's Gems

Photo Credit: Maggie's Gems

Here are some elegant pieces from Karma Kulture.

Photo Credit: Karma Kulture

Photo Credit: Karma Kulture

If it’s something more simple you are looking for, the Irish raindrops shown below does the trick.

Photo Credit: Karma Kulture

All of these pieces are great quality and made by professional artists and can get a bit pricey, as most jewelry can.  As a collector of blown glass, they would be my cup of tea.  If you are looking to spend less on blown glass jewelry, there is a very affordable selection at


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