Pre-Wedding Day Facial

Believe me, when it comes down to the last 2-3 weeks before your wedding, you are going to need some pampering.  You can ask anyone who ever had a wedding, and they will tell you that the last 2-3 weeks are the most stressful.  You are going to want to go ahead and indulge yourself with a lot of beauty pampering.  Before my wedding, I went and did the usual.  I got my eyebrows threaded (I believe it looks better than waxing), got a manicure/pedicure and got a haircut.  These were the 3 things that I was expecting to do anyway.  What I wasn’t expecting was getting a facial, at least not until my best friend/professional make-up artist suggested it.  Boy was I happy that she suggested it!

I booked an appointment and when the day of my appointment came, I never expected it to be so relaxing!  Out of everything else, this was exactly what I needed!  I got my haircut (and hair styled the day of the wedding) and my facial at Bellisima Salon in Wallingford, CT.  If any of you future brides are from the area and are thinking about a facial, go there.  Trust me, it is worth the money!  Not only do they do a great job of cutting and styling hair, but the woman who did my facial was very knowledgeable and gave me some great lifetime skin care tips.  In addition to that, when you go to get a facial there, they have a seperate room that has dim lights and decorated very tranquil that plays relaxing music.  She not only cleaned my face, but she gave me a face, neck and shoulder massage and it was fantastic!  When my facial was done, I walked out of there with my face feeling the best that it has ever felt and it gave my skin an extraordinary glow for the day of my wedding.

A facial is something that I suggest doing no more than 1 week prior to your wedding.  This is going to help your skin look its best on your day and it is going to give you great skin for when you get your make-up applied.  I suggest finding a reputable place to get it done as well.  Read customer reviews, check out the premises and get a feel for how professional and clean the place is.  Remember that you want your skin to look it’s absolute best on your big day.


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