DIY Wedding Ceremony Program

My first DIY project that I am featuring on my blog is one of my own.  My ceremony was going to be short and I didn’t have a huge wedding.  I didn’t want to spend money on getting them made, so I made my own.  It was very simple and took the shortest time out of all of my wedding projects.

You will need some colored printer paper.  I bought mine at Staples but you can find it at any office supplies store.  You will also need a Word program on your computer and a printer.  I have an ink jet printer, so the process was super fast for me.

Next you will need to go on to your Word program and think about how you want your layout to look.  Experiment with different fonts and colors and play around with the setup.  Think about any personal touches you may want to ad and make sure everybody who needs to be included on the program is included.  Need help with the wording?  What I find works best is writing from the heart, but if your really not a writer at heart, you can Google examples of other couple’s ceremony programs and be inspired by them.

Once you think you have it looking the way you want it to look, check out the print preview first just to make sure.  If you have it perfect, go ahead and print as many copies as you need!

Thank you to my cousin for taking a great picture here of all of my wording!

Making your own ceremony program= simple!


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