Bridesmaid Friday: Throwing an Epic Shower

What would brides do without their matron of honor?   Who else is going to throw you a bridal shower filled with memories to last a lifetime?  On a budget and don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket?  Then do it at your house or another bridesmaid’s house and still make is awesome!  Here are 8 tips on throwing an epic bridal shower at home.

1) Follow the theme of the wedding itself.  To celebrate the bride and the upcoming wedding, use the colors of the wedding and work the personal touch of the wedding into the bridal shower.  This will not only be sentimental to the bride, but it will hype her up even more for her big day.

2) Be on top of things.  Make sure to get a list from your bride of people that she wants at her shower and mail out your invitations to them and make sure they know where the bride to be is registered.  After the invitations have gone out, be sure to get a head count of all of your guests.  Even if they don’t RSVP (which some people don’t but still expect to be included) call, e-mail and call again to double check everybody who didn’t RSVP.

3) Ask for help.  Ask other members of the bridal party for their help setting up and planning the bridal shower.  Whether it’s a hand cooking, decorating, cleaning or planning, hey should be more than happy to lend a hand.

4) Food.  Once you have your final head count of who is attending, decide what food you want to serve.  A good idea for an at home bridal shower is to serve finger food and just have it all out on a table for guests to just pick what they want.  Also, be sure to pick up a cake for dessert.  If you or another bridesmaid is a great chef in the making, you can dare to search for great recipes and cook them up yourself.  This, however, might not be the easy way out because of all of the grocery shopping that you will do.  The option of ordering finger food from your local deli that caters is still always a good one.

5) Make sure everybody gets their party on.  If people are being quiet and and there doesn’t seem to be much of a party going on, make sure to have a back up plan.  There are plenty of traditional bridal shower games that you can play in order to get the party started before the opening of the gifts begins.  If this isn’t working, make sure to bring out the alcohol.

6) Pictures. Designate a bridesmaid who has an eye for photography and a decent camera to take all of those redundant pictures of the bride opening her gifts.

7) Be on top of who bought what present.  Designate somebody to make a list of the gifts that the bride got and who gave them to her so that she can send them a thank you note in the future.

8) Be a good host.  Walk around and make sure everybody has everything they need.  Bring out extra drinks and ice if they are running low and make sure everybody has a place to sit.  Also, don’t forget to thank everybody for coming.

Good luck with throwing an epic bridal shower!


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