LGBT Weddings

Before you read any further, I am going to tell you that I also want my blog to feature gay, lesbian and trans-gender weddings.  If you are not fond of this, I will ask you to just stop reading and x out of this page and don’t make any nasty comments because I will not approve them nor will I pay any mind to them.  I might not be a lesbian, but I do believe in gay rights and I feel that gay couples have every right to be married and celebrate their love just like straight couples do.

Now that I’m done with that, let’s talk a little bit about gay weddings.  What do you need for a gay wedding?  Nothing special really except for maybe a same sex cake topper.  You can pretty much go with any theme that your heart desires.  I am in love with these gay and lesbian cake toppers shown above.  They are really classy and show some really loving emotions.  If you want to go all out and throw a gay themed wedding, there are plenty of gay themed party favors available.

There are also plenty of invitations that you can find that are gay wedding themed.  The photo of the invitations below are a product from  This website has lots of very personal and beautiful wedding invitations for gay and lesbian weddings.


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