Wedding Diet Industry

I have read way too many sob stories about brides-to-be feeling insecure about being plus sized and having to find dresses or feeling the need to lose weight for their wedding.  Whether or not you want to lose weight for your wedding is your decision.  I didn’t because I have been on and off of diets in the past.  I still work out and try to eat healthy but I don’t obsess over it.  If you want to get in shape, make sure that you do it for yourself and not solely for the purpose of your upcoming wedding.  You are going to look beautiful on your wedding day no matter what and your groom is going to see you that way the most.

All of these weight loss companies promoting wedding diets are just promoting unhealthy crash diets.  If you choose to diet for your wedding, again, make sure you do it for yourself first and foremost and make sure that it’s something that you could stick to after your wedding.  One of the companies that I’ve seen promotion this sort of nonsense is Slim Fast.  I found the ads that they came up with for wedding diets to be quite offensive.  They should know that the first rule of the wedding industry is that the bride looks beautiful no matter what.  Their ads suggest quite the opposite.

I get the humor in these ads, but it is quite intimidating at the same time.  It’s almost as if they are scaring future brides into buying their product and that is something that I don’t buy.  Isn’t one of the upsides to eating healthy and exercising to feel good about yourself?  What do you guys think?


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  1. Diana (

    Ive seen these ads before and I think they’re horrible. And I agree your fiance already loves you the way you are, thats why he proposed! You should get fit for yourself and for your own health, not because people want to change you for one day. 🙂 Great post.

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