The Pearl Engagement Ring

Not everybody can afford to spend $1,000 or more on an engagement ring.  It’s true that you can’t put a price on love; but, in my opinion, you can put a price on an engagement ring.  If you have read my last post on engagement rings, you already know that I am the anti-diamond girl.  I think diamonds are great as an accent stone, but I am not into them as the main stone.  This isn’t because I think diamonds are ugly, it’s because I think they are too cliche and too pricey.  Yes, I am a girl who is a sucker for a good deal and a girl who dares to stand out AND I don’t like to see my husband spend a lot of money on me.  Call me old fashioned, but that’s just how I am.

One great idea for an engagement ring that isn’t pricey that I was flirting with when my husband and I were looking at engagement rings was a pearl ring.  I think pearl rings are unique and affordable and can really express how pure and beautiful that you think your future bride is.  I think any girl who gets one of these is one lucky gal and should wear it with pride.  The problem, however, is that most jewelry stores don’t have a huge variety of pearl rings.  Mostly you will see pearl necklaces or earrings in displays.   In my opinion, this is more of a challenge and, therefore, can show how much thought and hunting you put into this decision.

If you are a guy who doesn’t really like to go into a mall and shop, finding a pearl ring is a lot easier to find online.  Just make sure that before your purchase that you do your homework and have all of your information about pearls straight.  There are different types of pearls, some more rare than others.  Make sure you are purchasing from a legit dealer and also make sure to read reviews from other customers.

Here are some pearl rings that I found on Pearl Paradise.  This website has quite a selection of pearl rings that have 18k gold bands (which are quite hard to find).  Most are priced reasonably (approximately $500 give or take).  I also love the designs of these bands; very classy and unique.  Again, make sure you know what your looking for and get your facts straight when shopping for any engagement ring.  Happy hunting!


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