Monday…What to Wear?

Sometimes thinking, writing and talking about weddings sort of drives you nuts, especially when your planning one.  All of you brides to be need to just chill out once in a while otherwise you might end up in the mental ward.  Another thing that can be mentally draining is constantly looking at white gowns and those bright one-color bridesmaids dresses.   When I was planning my wedding there were times where I was just downright sick of everything wedding related.   Believe it or not, part of the reason that I started this blog was because I just couldn’t believe how some wedding blogs can continuously go on every day writing for what seems like forever about the littlest details without touching on other more important subjects.  Sometimes a change of pace is just a good thing to do for your state of mind, so I’m reserving Mondays for non-wedding fashion.

Now that my special day is over, I have some friend’s weddings coming up, and I cannot even begin to express how great it feels to be going as a guest.  It is such a relief to not have to worry about a thing except showing up and what I’m going to wear.  Today I am looking at some great dresses to wear as a GUEST to a wedding.

Here is a lovely option that I found on Dress Barn .  I am loving the clothes that Dress Barn has this year.  I am going to have to head there to possibly pick up this outfit.

To complete the look, here are some shoes and jewelry that I would consider.

Remember, future brides, that even though your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life and its your special day or whatever else it might mean to you, it is not mentally healthy to obsess over anything.  Give yourself a break once in a while.  Blast that rap music that isn’t wedding appropriate and you used to listen to before all of this madness started, fill up the bath tub and take a bubble bath, go out for a bike ride…You get the drift, just go and do something that used to make you happy pre wedding planning.  Enjoy your day and try not to think about it!


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