Are you this person?

You aren’t a wedding planner or vendor, you just tied the knot and now you think you are an expert at EVERYTHING wedding related.  Don’t get me wrong, giving advice is good, that’s why there are so many great wedding advice blogs and people commenting with their advice on them. This sort of thing is great when people are interested in and/or seeking that advice.

With that being said, I have seen it one too many times when former brides want to jump in with their 2 cents whenever they get a chance. Example: one of your friend’s friends are now tying the knot and you feel obligated to go and tell your friend to tell her friend what to do.  I’m sure plenty of us have been there, but you have to know when to back off!  This can irritate some people because you are trying to move in on their personal territory when they barely even know you.  The truth is that some people like to do things on their own and want to go ahead and follow through with their ideas.

When somebody comes to you for advice, by all means, go ahead and give them all you’ve got.  But you should realize that you need to chill when you find yourself telling others where they should have their honeymoon, what venues they should book their wedding at and even what vendors they should use.  Don’t go searching around the web for wedding related things for somebody you’ve never even met and hasn’t come to you for advice ever. Your day has come and gone and now it’s somebody else’s turn to experience this for themselves.  Let them go hunting on the web and read their own blogs, advice columns and inspiration boards (that’s what they are there for) and let them research their own vendors.

Realize that not everybody has the same vision as you do.  To strongly promote your ideas to somebody who hasn’t even come to you for advice in the first place can make them view you as a pushy person.  Reserve your knowledgeable advice for those who seek it.  Your wedding is over and now is the time to enjoy the phase of life after all of your wedding madness is over, which is your life as a newlywed.


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