Sweet Saturday

What better day to blog about everything cake/sweet wedding favor related than Saturday?  I’ve seen so many awesome looking cake toppers and creative sweet wedding favors and, as a baker, I think I need to dedicate a day for everything sweets related.  Since this is the first Sweet Saturday here, the first cake being shown here is from the place who did the cake for my wedding, JCakes in North Branford, CT.  I have so many reasons for choosing them to do my cake, but the main reason is that I am not a fan of the way fondant tastes and this place does butter cream cakes that look just as beautiful as fondant cakes. I love everything about this cake design; the piped grass, the bird topper and the way that the white frosting is applied. Not only do these cakes look great, but I can honestly tell you that they taste great too!

Every wedding cake needs that special cake topper.  Today I came across a very cutesy store on Etsy, PassionArte.  This Etsy store has some of the cutest and most colorful animal cake toppers that I’ve seen.  They even have pig cake toppers!  Steve and I sort of have a thing for piggies, so I just had to go ahead and post these pictures from PassionArte’s Etsy store.

They even have cute little love birdie and bunny cake toppers!


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