Thursday…Honeymoon Day

Today I am going to post about our honeymoon.  I would love to dedicate this sort of thing to smaller destinations that are romantic since these are the sort of places we like to do as a getaway once in a blue, but we were fortunate enough to spend our honeymoon in Grand Cayman.  The Grand Cayman was so beautiful and romantic that we just didn’t want to leave.  We got to view life differently and do lots of different activities.  We swam with sting rays, snorkeled, took a helicopter ride, got to drive on the right side of the road, ate some nice island food, bought some cool souvenirs, we got to hear roosters crowing in the morning and most importantly got to enjoy each other’s company.  The water was so beautiful and clear and when we looked at the horizon, it seemed like we were at the end of the world.   The Grand Cayman is one of those islands on the Caribbean that is less for partying and more for relaxing, so that is exactly what we did with pina coladas in hand.  Here we are on our honeymoon.


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