Plus Size Brides

It is Wednesday and when I opened my laptop and went on to my Facebook this morning, I saw this article about a man who likes “fat chicks” that my friend posted from the Village Voice (ah yes this brings back memories of when I went to school in the village and scooped up my free copy of the Village Voice every Wednesday).  It is great to know that guys like this (and like my husband!) exist.  I would like all of the single bbw ladies out there know that men like this do exist and they are fabulous.   I would also like to say to all of the guys out there that do like plus sized girls but like to keep it a secret (as this article suggests there are), just go with what you like.  This is your life and why would you want to spend your time pleasing others when you should do what makes YOU happy?

This also got me thinking of all of the beautiful plus size wedding gowns that I’ve seen (including my own) when I was looking at dresses.  In my opinion, if you are a plus sized gal looking for a wedding dress, a line is the way to go.

Here I am looking beautiful on my wedding day.  I will always remember the look on my husband’s face when he saw me for the first time as I walked down the isle and I will always remember the moment when I took his hand and when he told me how beautiful I looked.


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