Gemstone Engagement Rings

All of this talk about the royal wedding makes me think about my own wedding because there are a lot of things that make my wedding (and everybody else’s wedding) similar.  For starters, I also had a sapphire engagement ring (yes it was before their engagement).  The reason we chose sapphire is because it is actually the engagement ring that was more popular before diamonds became the trend.  On top of being different, it made me stand out in a good way.  Not only is choosing a gem for an engagement ring cheaper, but it will also show your fiancee how special they are to you.  Steve purchased our engagement ring from and I have been obsessed with their website ever since.  Whats cool about their site is they allow you to put together your own special ring.  Here are some pictures of some gorgeous rings from their site.  There isn’t just sapphires and diamonds to choose from, there are also emeralds and rubies, which I think are also excellent choices for engagement rings.

Another trend that I have been seeing is having other birthstone engagement rings as well.  When a friend of Steve’s showed me hers I was just amazed at how beautiful and different it was.  If anybody asks me, I would tell them to go with gemstones over diamonds any day when it comes to engagement rings because they are just so much more colorful and beautiful.


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