Hello Real Brides!


A little bit about myself and my wedding…I am a newlywed and I just got married on April 2nd 2011.  I had a spring themed April wedding in Connecticut and it was beautiful weather that day.  My colors were pink, green and white (very springy!).  I think I did a great job planning and decorating the whole celebration, but apparently it doesn’t match up to anything you see out here on most of these wedding blogs that you see (ie: over the top theme, skinny blond bride with a stupid fake grin on her face, super expensive dress and just pretty much an overall pricey wedding).  I already know that I spent enough money on my wedding, so I can’t even start to imagine how expensive all of these other weddings that I see on the typical blogs are.  In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with splurging on your wedding.  After all, it is supposed to be the happiest day of your life.  But I’m here to try to give the world a realistic view of realistic weddings that can be just as beautiful as all of this other junk that you see on the web.

With that being said, today I am going to post about my wedding!  It was an early April wedding and we held it at the Woodwinds in Branford, Connecticut.  It is your regular wedding venue with a lot of beauty.  Nice price, great food and beautiful grounds.  What more can you ask for?  My engagement was nothing spectacular.  My husband proposed to me at the restaurant that we went to on our first date.  Maybe nothing spectacular to most readers, but to me it was special.  The ring is a sapphire and it was purchased from gemsny.com.  I have to say that planning for my wedding went very smoothly and I pretty much just went with the flow.  There were stressful times but I never became a “bridezilla”.  I always held my cool because that is just the type of person that I am.  I had a beautiful realistic wedding and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  With that being said, here it is, my wedding!

Here is the Woodwinds on the day of our wedding.  I was hoping for the trees to be blooming but they weren’t due to the tremendous amounts of snow that we acquired over the winter.  No worries though because it was a beautiful flawless day!

My simple guest book purchased from David’s Bridal and my cute feathery pen purchased from Michael’s Art Store.

Here we have my ceremony programs which were made by none other than myself.  Next to them are little bubble bottles with ribbon tied around them.  The ceremony was short and sweet and the program simply states our names, a thank you paragraph to everybody who attended and a list of the wedding party.  Nothing over the top, the way I like it.

My shoes.  Easy choice, David’s Bridal.  Not only were these comfortable, but they matched perfectly with my dress.

These isle decorations were also made by me.  Baskets were purchased from the Dollar Tree Store and all I did was insert floral clay inside the basket and stuck these flowers in and tied a ribbon around the basket.

(Above photo by Veronica Echavez)

These place card holders were made by me too.  I sort of wanted to give the reception a feel of a cute little garden so I purchased little clay pots, Spanish moss and a paper cutter  to make the flower place cards.  I also glued ribbon with piggies on them to give it a personal touch.


Here are pictures of our cake.  The cake was done by J Cakes and they did a beautiful job.  The cake came with our package from the Woodwinds.  The cake topper gives it the spring/April feel that I wanted for the wedding.

This is the favor that I used for the reception.  They are jelly belly jelly beans in a plastic woven basket with a simple thank you tied to it with ribbon.

This is the table decorations.  I made the tea cup with the pink rose.  The garden stone was purchased from the Dollar Tree and the center pieces were purchased online and delivered to us the day before the wedding.  Very affordable and very beautiful!

Here we are on our first dance.  It was Sinead O’Connor, “Nothing Compares to You”.  I love that song and now every time I hear it it nearly brings me to tears.

You don’t need much to make your special day special.  We did an April wedding, which is off season over here, and it was done in the day time (which apparently is now the thing to do thanks to the royal wedding).  Our guests enjoyed themselves and are still thanking us for inviting them and telling us what a great time they had.

(Photos by Alexis Stein Photography)



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2 responses to “Hello Real Brides!

  1. congratulations!! Q: I looove your clay pot card idea. I am actually on the hunt for those. Would you mind telling me where you bought them and for how much? Thanks!! Welcome to the world of blogging. I can’t wait to read more!

    • The clay pots were purchased from The Dollar Tree. They came in a package of 3 (so 3 for $1). Out of them, I made the card holders by myself with some floral clay, Spanish moss and green wire. Good luck on the house demo and decorating! I really can’t wait to see the results!

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